Frequently Asked Questions:

Contact us via email info@harvestbox.co.za if you have any further questions.

Forgot your password? We will send you a link via e-mail to reset your password.

Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions or concerns. Our email address is info@harvestbox.co.za.

Send us an email at info@harvestbox.co.za and we will send them to you in a PDF format to view on your iPad, laptop or phone.

Subscriptions are convenient and easy to pause. Login to your profile and click "Pause Subscription". We will send you a reminder email on Tuesday to choose your meals before our billing cycle takes place on Wednesday.

Orders close at 9am on Wednesday. Once orders close, you will be charged. You will receive an order invoice via email.

Yes, your subscription will auto-renew weekly. If you pause your account before Wednesday 9am, your subscription will not auto-renew, unless you manually activate it again.

We are constantly expanding our delivery geography and if we don’t deliver to your area just yet, we will be soon. Please click here to see if we deliver to your area.

We will deliver to homes, offices, and any other type of location within our delivery geography.

Yes, we do all the planning and buying and provide you with easy recipes and fresh ingredients, premeasured in exact quantities, delivered to your door. All you need to do is cook up amazing dinners for the ones you care about.

Simply login to your Harvest Box account and navigate to "My Harvest Box" tab. Add and remove meals as you want for the week or leave it to your default subscription to decide.